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28 Apr 2014

Trees can be real assets if owners take care of them regularly. Trees need to be taken care in terms of planting, tree disease and control, transplanting, pruning, aftercare, etc. An owner may not always be able to take care of trees, so a tree specialist service can be called upon for the job. They always help clients even when it comes to big tree transplanting. So how do they undertake these procedures? Let us see here:

Tree Uprooting Tools

The tree services have big tools for tree transplanting such as a tree spade that can largely uproot a big tree and transplant it at the desired place. The arborists are experienced enough to know which soil is good for big tree planting. The process is simple to understand.


The operator first removes a soil plug from the designated spot and then creates a hole for the specific tree. The plug is then put into the hole of the nursery. The spade assembly tool is opened and puts it in the middle of the tree. The operator then starts the engine to inserts the blades into the ground. Now, as the tree is being shifted, its trunk is strapped to the machine to avoid any harsh movement in a horizontal manner. Once at the transplanting location, the vehicle truck puts the tree back into the vertical position and centers the plug on the hole created.

Care While Transplanting

While transplanting, the client and the tree service professionals have to make sure that the new transplanting space does not cause any issue to the tree and vice versa. After the big tree transplanting, care is taken that right soil is lowered into the ground with necessary fertilizers to strengthen the roots and ensure enough transpiration and moisture. Generally, this process is undertaken less during the months of summer and more in spring.

Suggestions of Experts

Experts say that dry and rock soil will assist in growing of shallow root trees. The big tree planting services also put importance to aftercare after a tree has been transplanted in Illinois.

Stress on laying down the right soil, right atmosphere and needed aftercare for the tree is emphasized.


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