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29 Apr 2014

Trees increase the elegance of a home. People keep trees in their garden but, they need regular care and treatment by pruning, pest and disease control, transplanting, etc. Primary activities can be done by the homeowner, but more serious tasks of tree management should be given to a tree health care service.

People keep trees like Oak tree, evergreen tree, Chestnut tree and Ash tree in their garden. Unhealthy and diseased trees can pose a risk of dying prematurely, and are a threat to life and property as well. Tree disease control is necessary to diagnose the issue early and treat it in time to avoid cutting the tree. So how do the arborists undertake their duties? Have a look:


Identifying the issues

The tree specialists can identify the issue, causes and implement the solution swiftly. They prefer to cut a tree down only when it is unavoidable. Tree disease can be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, pathogens or the lack of care by the owner. When any tree becomes sick or affected, it may lack chlorophyl and nourishment. The tree also may start shedding leaves early with the complete fall-off in short time. A couple of the tree disease names are blight, canker and diplodia which can damage tree roots, stems and branches.

Finding possible treatments

Sometimes people may even need to call arborists for plant health care. Diseases may affect flowering and fruits on the trees. The tree specialists use special tools, medication and equipments for the trees treatment. They administer pest and disease control measures to maintain trees health and beauty.

Spraying and Insecticides

The tree disease control can include spraying of insecticides, foliage spraying, special tree sprays for insects and germs, mud and soil care, plant health care products, etc. If need be, trees are transplanted to other places.

Don't wait more and call experts to save your tree. Fast!


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